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June 16, 2014

Galactic Leap

Australia, big stopper, golden hour, landscape photographer, long exposure, minimalist, New South Wales, Newport, Northern Beaches, NSW, Philip Avellana, sunrise
Galactic Leap

As I was walking at Newport's rocky area, I saw a rock by itself.  It's shape was fascinating enough to draw my attention.  I want to compose the rock with the vast area of still waters.  I tried at the right side of the rock but my tripod is submerged deeply in the waters it causes camera shake.  I went on the left side.  It's also submerged by only a little.

It's easy to achieve still waters with a Big Stopper.  I compose the photo before I insert the Big Stopper as it blocks the whole viewfinder when it's in front of the lens.  I then included a hard edge graduated filter.  This equalizes the exposure of the sky and gave me 126 seconds of exposure.

I'm only after still waters.  The clouds moving in the right direction is just an *unknown* additional bonus to this photo.

I change the white balance of this photo.  I made it a bit warmer to counteract the Big Stopper's bluish cast.  In Photoshop, I accentuate the yellows as this is already late sunrise.  Selective sharpening is applied to avoid sharpening the waters.  I did a medium S-curve to give contrast.  The following details are on EXIF:

I shot with:

Nikon D800e
Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 @ 16mm, f/11
ISO100, 126 seconds
Manfrotto Tripod
Lee Big Stopper
0.9 Hard Grad Lee Filter

Newport, NSW Australia

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