Joy and Floyd Prenup Revisited

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March 31, 2017

Joy and Floyd Prenup Revisited

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Joy and Floyd Pre Nuptial Flaring Photo

Retracing my steps, this is my first shot at film making. I carefully thought of a pre-nuptial video for Paul & Joy. Looking at it now, I could have improved some aspects of this film.

Paul and Joy is a young couple. Both have very high aspirations and ideal dreams for each other. They are very supportive and are willing to give the other a chance for more success.

This pre-nuptial video was taken at Davidson Park near Forestville. It's kinda hard to find this place due to it's entrance - on a highway before the bridge. But once you manage to find this entrance, everything is straightforward. This place is amazing with beautiful greenish environment with a peaceful flowing lake. Scenery, props and locations are here for both photography and videography.

This is my original post, when I was still doing some photography: 

Please enjoy the simple video below.

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