Jella and Mike Pre Nuptial Film

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April 05, 2017

Jella and Mike Pre Nuptial Film

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Jella and Mike Pre Nuptial Video at Nurragingy Reserve

I met this couple through a photographer friend, Michael Billanes.  This couple seemed to be looking for a decent videographer and wanted their videos to be done correctly.  I met them, with Michael, one afternoon after work.  Hopefully, I lived up to that :)

One of the sweetest couples I've met, Jella and Mike met each other very early in life. But their bond is so strong that after 10 years, they managed to Tie the Knot.  It's not an everyday thing that a relationship, with so many hardships and distance, can survive like what Jella and Mike had.  Its a good thing that both have dedicated family and friends that support them.  I wish both these couples, a Forevermore!

Please watch the above video for their pre nuptial film.  I've changed the format of this film to add in voice overs which gives more depth. 

This was filmed at Nurragingy Reserve at Doonside.  Its a bit far from where the couple was but its a better location for our purposes.  We came in as Nurragingy is being openned very early in the mornimg.  This ensures we get the best venue and less people and cars roaming around.  The morning light is amazingly soft as well.

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