Luzelle's 18th Debut Birthday

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April 24, 2017

Luzelle's 18th Debut Birthday

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Luzelle's 18th Birthday

I love Debut Parties.  It's vibrant, energetic and full of youthful life.  You can see and meet the youth of today.  It's interesting how they interact and behave.  This is a simple party where friends and family celebrate the 'coming of age' of the debutante.  

It's a simple and humble party thrown out by the family for their beautiful daughter who just turned 18th.  I think men do have this party as well when they are 21.

If you have a daughter turning 18 and wanted to throw this party, please contact me and we'll film it.  It's a very nice remembrance to your daughter that she can watch over and over.

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