6 Oct 2018

Jason and Jane Same Day Wedding Film

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Jane Smiles

Not only a union of two people, but a union of family and culture.  I love Jason and Jane's wedding.  It's simple and elegant.  There were no stress even if there was an issue earlier.  After the preparation, Jason's car broke down.  His car batteries seemed to be drained at the wrong instance.  So we still have to wait until one of the groomsmen 'shared' the power of their car to jump-start Jason's car.  

Also, one of the planned location shoot had a production going on, so we are banned to enter.  But the couple, along with family and friends, managed these issues and gave me a beautiful smile (much like the photo above).

As always, Sergeants Mess is a very remarkable venue to have the wedding!  Blessed with a beautiful weather, the skies are blue and the a subtle breeze can be felt from the ocean.

Thank you very much Jason and Jane for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your wedding!

Ceremony Entertainment - Vov Dylan
Celebrant - Leissa Griffin
Band / DJ - Impression DJs
Cake - Unique Cakes
Florist / Decorator - Nitta Puthong
Ceremony: Sergeants Mess
Reception: Sergeants Mess
Photographer - Orange Studios
Videographer - Adventscape


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