Wedding FAQ

How many Videographers / Editors are needed?

Adventscape usually goes for 2 videographers, at least.  This ensures that a 2-angle perspective is captured on very important activities on the wedding (e.g. vows).  We usually add an editor when doing Same Day Edit.

Do I need to film our Preparations?

This is entirely up to the Client.  Some Clients request NOT to film the preparation and some Clients are alright with it.  Adventscape would prefer to film the preparation as it's entirely part of the wedding day.  Take note that we film the later part of the preparation only.  

Can we 'Request an Edit' for Free?

Yes.  Upon watching all final videos and certain parts of it have errors, we can edit it for free.  These are considered errors in editing:
  • No video but with audio
  • No audio but with video
  • Film does not play
  • Audio, not in sync with video, etc
These errors can be edited for free without charge.  If there are no editing errors, or the request is primarily based on 'client preference', then we ask for a fee accordingly.  

What if, there's nothing wrong with the film but we still want edits made to it?

If all films are free of errors (e.g. see above) and the Client still wants edits made to the film, this can be done and charged accordingly.  The following are usually what the Client wants:
  • Add a clip
  • Remove a clip
  • Replace a clip
  • Switch the positions on a bunch of clips
  • Change the order of clips
  • Change voice recordings
  • Change the Music
  • Change the format or flow of the film, etc
  • Change the overall theme
Edits of these nature are considered Client Preferences and can easily go out of control. So a simple payment, per edit, can be requested to mitigate these.

Do you have a Drone?  Can we film with a Drone?

We do have a drone and it's free to use it on filming.  But there are several conditions that must be met before we fly it such as:

  1. Good weather condition
  2. Calm winds 
  3. Day flights
  4. Less to nothing people around the area
  5. No airports nearby

Yes, I know there are so many restrictions but safety is always a priority.  CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) also have certain rules that need to be followed.  Since this is a free and optional service, Adventscape reserves the right to fly or not to fly a drone.


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