6 Oct 2017

Maricar and Romar Wedding Highlights

Maricar vale, Romar Lapidario, Wedding, Highlight
Maricar's Smile

This is a beautiful wedding of Romar Lapidario and Maricar Vale. Its a love strengthened by challenges and trials. According to the speeches I've heard.  Romar went into one of the loneliest points of his life and it's a good thing that Maricar was there to pull him out.  Both are amazing and I love working with them.  They sealed their love on 27 August 2017.

  • Preparation: Novotel Norwest 
  • Ceremony: St John XXIII Catholic Parish Glenwood 
  • Reception: Curzon Hall 
  • Photographer: Archie Karganilla 
  • Videographer: Adventscape / iori avellana

If you want to see our work, please refer to the Highlight film below.  Thank you

3 Jun 2017

Samuel & Euodia Same Day Edit Film

bay visuals, adventscape, joseph leh, avellana, iori, euodia, samuel, wedding
Samuel and Euodia Wedding

Samuel and Euodia are a very young couple with love gushing out of these two individuals.  I love to see them talk and act with each other as I guide them through their wedding day.  Both are very easy to direct, thus the beautiful Same Day Edit film below.

If you going for Same Day Edit service during your wedding, don't hesitate to ask.  It's the primary service we're promoting.  Thank you.

Samuel and Euodia - Same Day Edit

30 May 2017

Claudia Jade 18th Debut Party

avellana, iori, adventscape, jerry neces, larry anda
Claudia Jade 18th Birthday Party

Claudia Jade just turned 18 and her parents gave her a debut party.  She is a very sweet girl with many friends looking after her.  The party is full of family, relatives and close friends.  Classmates are also present.  Her Grand Cotillion dance is amazing and exquisite.

Please refer below to Claudia's highlight film to see what we can do on your daughter's debut party!

Claudia Jade @Eighteen

28 May 2017

Mervin and Debbie Wedding Highlights

adventscape, larry anda photography, jn film and cinematography
Debbie and Mervin Wedding

Mervin and Debbie's wedding is an unforgettable event. It's a wedding full of laughter, camaraderie and dance! Debbie is an amazing dancer. Mervin, well, he tries to go along with Debbie. He did a very good job trying out those dances. But Mervin is a great guy. I like him as he's a techie person like me :) He's been coming along on some of our filming as well!

Thank you Mervin and Debbie for making me part of you beautiful wedding!

Mervin + Debbie (Cinematic Highlights) from JN Films & Cinematography on Vimeo.

27 May 2017

Grace and David Same Day Edit Film

Neleen, Grace, David, Jeffries, Narrabeen, Manly, The Sails, Harbour Bridge, Wedding, iori, Adventscape
Neleengrace at her Wedding

Grace and David's wedding would have been one of my simplest weddings this 2017 - only with a twist, a surprise Same Day Edit.  Same Day Edit films are usually planned to get the most out of the day and to have these moments showcased in a film that will be shown during the reception itself.

This couple wanted the SDE, but there was no projector and the venue is cramped.  Still as very good vendors for videography, we managed to pull it off and showcased a very good SDE that they are very proud of!  Congratulations Grace and David!  Thank you for believing!

Same Day Edit (SDE) films are now being a norm to us.  If you wanted to have the same amazing experience we have during the viewing of an SDE, please contact Adventscape.

20 May 2017

Nathalie's 18th Debut Birthday

Nathalie's 18th Birthday Debut Party

Natalie is as beautiful as she is intelligent. I love filming her as she's game with small acting and gestures. She's not shy in showing some cute poses in front of the camera (though we really need those shots anyway).  She follows instructions well and that solved my day.

I did enjoy the whole time!

Reception was amazing.  The decors are top-notched and the arrangement is very good.  Only thing is that the audience's lighting is on the minimal side.  Overall, the food is great, the programme is spot on and Natalie is a wicked dancer!  

Please enjoy Natalie's Highlight video below.

If you have any need to film your debut party for your daughter, please let me know.
Thank you.