6 Oct 2018

Jason and Jane Same Day Wedding Film

Jane Te, Sergeants Mess, Sydney, Wedding, Adventscape, iori, avellana, Bradley Head, Balmoral Beach, Centennial Park
Jane Smiles

Not only a union of two people, but a union of family and culture.  I love Jason and Jane's wedding.  It's simple and elegant.  There were no stress even if there was an issue earlier.  After the preparation, Jason's car broke down.  His car batteries seemed to be drained at the wrong instance.  So we still have to wait until one of the groomsmen 'shared' the power of their car to jump-start Jason's car.  

Also, one of the planned location shoot had a production going on, so we are banned to enter.  But the couple, along with family and friends, managed these issues and gave me a beautiful smile (much like the photo above).

As always, Sergeants Mess is a very remarkable venue to have the wedding!  Blessed with a beautiful weather, the skies are blue and the a subtle breeze can be felt from the ocean.

Thank you very much Jason and Jane for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your wedding!

Ceremony Entertainment - Vov Dylan
Celebrant - Leissa Griffin
Band / DJ - Impression DJs
Cake - Unique Cakes
Florist / Decorator - Nitta Puthong
Ceremony: Sergeants Mess
Reception: Sergeants Mess
Photographer - Orange Studios
Videographer - Adventscape

4 Oct 2018

Stephanie's 18th Debut Birthday Party

iori, adventscape, avellana, debut party, 18th birthday, stephanie bernardo, ambassador
Stephanie Bernardo Smiles

At a tender age of 18, Stephanie Bernardo already did many things compared to other teenagers her age.  She can sing, participates in the activities of the community and an Ambassador for Cancer Council NSW.  Truly an amazing feat.  

With her 18th birthday debut party, we saw a number of close family, friends and the community rejoicing!  The venue was decorated beautifully with flowers.  The programme was planned perfectly where people are not left waiting for the next event.  I filmed the whole event from start to finish and it's very easy with very cooperative guests.

Happy Birthday Steph, may you succeed in life on the future!

31 Aug 2018

Jenn and Ogie Highlight Wedding Film

iori, avellana, adventscape, jenn machlachlan, jennifer, Ogie, Teodorico Salayog, driftwood beach house, st mary star of the sea, the pavilion, kiama, nsw, new south wales, australia, sydney wedding, weddings, country wedding
Jenn Mclachlan on her Wedding Day

Jenn looked very stunning on her wedding day.  She's calm and eager to go through the day with energy and excitement.  Her bridesmaids are all helpful to Jenn and very lovely.  Ogie is equally calm and excited.  He and his groomsmen all talked about previous experiences.  It seems that they are very solid mates.

The day was beautiful!  It's sunny and clear, though the wind is not to be desired as the gusts make the veil fall upwards.  If you're interested with vendors, please refer below:

Preparation: Driftwood Beach House (https://www.driftwoodkiama.com.au/)
Ceremony: St Mary Star of the Sea (http://www.kiamacatholicchurch.org.au/v2/)
Reception: The Pavilion (https://thepavilionkiama.com.au/)
Floral Designer: Violeta Fabian
Decor Designer: Beautiful Weddings (https://beautifulweddings.com.au/)
Dress Designer: De Lanquez Bridal (http://www.delanquez.com.au/)
Cake Designer: Buttercream Bakery (http://www.buttercream.com.au/)
Wedding Planner: Culinarius (http://culinarius.com.au/)
Make Up Artist: Making Faces Makeup Studio (https://www.makingfacesmakeup.com.au/)
Music / DJ: Savvy Entertainment (http://www.djsavvyentertainment.com/)
Vehicle: Wollongong Limousine Services (http://www.wollongonglimousineservices.com.au/)
Photographer: Josephine Sicad Photography (http://josephinesicadphotography.com/blog/)
Videographer: Adventscape (http://www.adventscape.com/)

Thank you for viewing the video below!

11 Jun 2018

Kiara's 18th Debut Party

iori, avellana, adventscape, debut, party, 18th birthday, rey tuazon photography, epping club
Kiara Dizon Debut Party

Rey invited me to film Kiara's 18th Birthday Debut Party at Epping Club.  This 'Debut Party' is the coming of age for female.  A significant event for Kiara to do adult things, including all the responsibilities of grown ups.  Her party was elegant and fun.  I didn't know she could sing!  The video below is a Same Day Edit film - made and shown during the event itself.

To Rey, Kiara and Anne, thank you for inviting me to film this joyous event.  I hope you enjoy this SDE film.

Photographer: Rey Tuazon Photography

9 Jun 2018

William and Jennifer Prenup Film

iori, avellana, adventscape, pre-nuptial, prenup, blackheath, blue mountains, william gavanes, jennifer saculo, fall, autumn
William and Jennifer, Together At Last

William and Jen are both friends from 2 separate groups of friends.  When another friend got the idea to have these 2 single people meet each other, we all agree to make it happen.  There were no expectations, no giggles, no strategies, no tactics, just a plan to meet them up.  I was also busy doing other things that I didn't notice their relationship prospered.

I didn't expect to create a pre-nuptial video for them.  But I'm very happy I did.

30 May 2018

Meriam and Matthew Same Day Edit Film

Meriam Nassar, Adventscape, Philip Avellana, iori, Matthew Godman, Lebanese Wedding, Drums
Meriam Nassar Fixing Her Hair

A big fat Lebanese Wedding like no other. Full of fun, laughter, friendship and family. The union of two families and two cultures. I've very happy to have been part of this beautiful wedding. Thank you Meriam and Matthew! Video: Adventscape (http://www.adventscape.com/) Photo: Margan Photography (http://marganphotography.com/) Floral: Hunt & Heart (https://www.huntandheart.com.au/) Dress: Karen Willis Holmes (https://www.karenwillisholmes.com/) Make Up: Milani Joy (https://www.milanijoy.com.au/) Ceremony: : St Georges Orthodox Church (https://stgeorgecathedral.com.au/) Reception: The Grand Roxy (http://www.thegrandroxy.com.au/)